Project driven by the Centre culturel d’Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve and its mains partners (CCBW-Pulsart, UCLouvain, Musée L, Ateliers d’art de la Baraque, Centre culturel Wolubilis, Le Botanique), the Triennial of Contemporary Art of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve will have its 10th edition in the fall of 2021. With each edition, it reveals evil doubles, points of tension of our territory and the world and highlights an original approach of (new) contemporary art practices.

The last Triennales have questioned the expectations of a city-world in constant expansion (Biennial6), the contrasts between the perfect world and its scathing denials (Biennial7), a world exhibition in an underground parking lot as the flip side of an official world (Biennial8), the Biéreau district as an urban vision developed for research, transmission and art and not contaminated by commerce or capital (Biennale9).

Michel François and Guillaume Désanges - Pavillon du contrôle (Le jardin zen) – Photo Credit: Isabelle Arthuis

The Triennial asserts its artistic ambitions, bringing together artists, partners and a wide variety of audiences for an engaged, international and contemporary project.

Years / Curators / Topics / Approaches


Jean Dalemans, Le fil rouge (works of art/architecture)


Jean Dalemans, Les bâtisseurs de l’âge  (works of art/architecture)


Philippe Braem, La conscience du monde (installations, City route)


Claude Stas, Biennale4 (young sponsored artists))


Luc Navet, Confidence (land art in the Bois de Lauzelle)


Jean-Marc Sterno, No limit (art and architecture, City route)


Jean-Marc Bodson, Un monde parfait. Photographie optimiste et cinglants démentis (documentary-style photography)


Michel François & Guillaume Désanges, Une exposition universelle - section documentaire (objects, documents, installations in an underground car park))


Angel Vergara & Joël Benzakin, Oh les beaux jours ! Pour une esthétique des moyens disponibles (large images, installations, videos, performances and actions)


Organised by the Centre culturel d’Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

Jointly produced together with UCLouvain, Musée L, Centre culturel du Brabant wallon, Le Botanique, Centre culturel Wolubilis, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris

In collaboration with the Atelier Théâtre Jean Vilar and the Ateliers d'art de la Baraque

With the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Plastic Arts Department), the Town Council of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, the Walloon Brabant, Le Soir, Lhoist, Musiq3 and TVCom

The team


Curator: Adrien Grimmeau
Concept: Muriel Andrin and Adrien Grimmeau

Centre culturel d’Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

Chairman: Michaël Gaux
Director: Étienne Struyf
Triennial Manager: Vincent Geens
Produced by: Shirley Auspert
Technical coordination: Marc Lhommel
Technical coordination assistant: Damien Désirant
Technical team: Marie-Jo Bomoma Londa, Benoit Boquet, Michel Briet, Laurent Ferreira, Didier Mignon, Yannick Mignolet
Communication coordination: Nadia Salmon
Press relations: Be Culture, Virginie Luel, Séverine Provost
Graphc design, layout, sponsoring: Olivier Cravatte
Community manager: Camille Fayt
Coordination of organisation: Sandrine Debroux
Administrative and financial coordination: Marjolaine de Pierpont
Accounting, ticketing and secretariat: Fanny Capelle, Nathalie Dewymmer, Véronique Duquaine et Francesca Gaipa


Performing arts advisor: Karolina Svobodova
Visual creation, web design and signage: Oilinwater - Matthieu Gorissen
Relations with UCL researchers and departments: Shirley Auspert & Frédéric Blondeau
Mediation: Anne-Esther Henao (Pulsart, CCBW), Sandrine Debroux (CCOLLN), Vincent Geens (CCOLLN), Catherine Husson (CC Wolubilis), Mathilde Manche (Le Botanique), Visitor service (Musée L) and the mediators Lila Leloup (CCOLLN), Cathy Streel and Lucie Campogrande (Parking des Sciences)
Contact with schools (nursery, primary, secondary) : Annaïg Bouguet (CCOLLN), Delphine Lesceux (CCOLLN) and Marie-Pierre Hérion (CCBW)
Contact with UCLouvain students: Aline Aulit (UCLouvain Culture)
Exhibition at Le Botanique : Grégory Thirion
Exhibition at Centre culturel Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris : Stéphanie Pécourt and Ariane Skoda
Exhibition at Wolubilis : Édith Grandjean and Catherine Husson
Technical assistance: the public works department of the City of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, the technical teams of Musée L and the City Centre Management team.
Not forgetting the teams of the Cultural Centre and its partners, and of course the artists, their assistants and trainees.